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Work From Home Online And Travel The World.

Once you know how to Work From Home Online And Travel The World you will start to really enjoy life or at least that is what i think but what ever you would like to do I have found a way to live the life that YOU want now..

For the last 10 years I have been traveling the world visiting some amazing places and now I have settled in Spain where I now live and work online from home and there is an amazing way that anyone can now work from home making a real income blogging about their travels. Have a look  see how here.

So who am I?…Hi my name Is David and I moved from the wet and windy UK to start a new life in sunny Spain about 10 years ago. At first life here in Spain was great with many warm dry sunny days but as I was working then as a carpenter, it was hard to make enough money to pay all the bills and still follow my passion of traveling.

Then one day on holiday in Mexico for my first trip, I met a guy on a tour bus that worked online blogging and traveled the world writing about it. I sat there fixed to his every word as this sounded like the answer I was looking for to be able to live my dream life in Spain and still get to travel the world doing the things I wanted.
Although I knew nothing then about blogging he explained how easy it was and told me the name of the site he started with that had all the training I needed to get started.

Work From Home Online And Travel The World.

Work From Home Online And Travel The World.

I could not wait to get back to my hotel that day and get online to check it out. That night sitting on the bed in my hotel room I started going through the website he had given me and I was hooked and so excited as this was just what I needed to be able to earn money online as I traveled the world.

As soon as I returned home to Spain I joined the site and started going through all the training and it was just about 5 days later that I had my blog up and running and it was just over 3 weeks after that that I started to make some money with it. The first money I had from this blog made me realize that this really was what I needed to earn the money I needed to complete my travels.

Work From Home Online And Travel The World.Work From Home Online And Travel The World.

2 years later and I am still living here in Almeria Spain and I have had some amazing trips all paid for with my new online income.

So where have I been? well I returned to Mexico but this last time it was for 6 long weeks and my wife and I traveled around Mexico seeing some of the more remote areas off the beaten track and although we had a great time there was a few days when we thought that we were in the wrong place at the wrong time, like the day we waited at a bus station one night and got surrounded by police at gun point asking for our papers and id all because they were looking for drugs and I can tell you it made us feel a bit uneasy but all in all the trip was amazing. Then we had 3 weeks in the dominion republic in Punta Cana and although the beaches were amazing we didn’t really like the people as they would always be asking for money at every place you went. Then on to Portugal for a few weeks and up into the beautiful mountains where the views were breathtaking with the strong smell of the pine trees and very dry air. After that we had a trip to London so as my new Spanish wife could see all the sites and do all the touristy things in London and at the end of the trip down to Brighton to visit my mother for a few days.

Work From Home Online And Travel The World.Work From Home Online And Travel The World.Work From Home Online And Travel The World.

Work From Home Online And Travel The World.

Venice and st Marks Square was our next trip a few months later and this was one of my personal favorites all except the really high prices there but it is a place that everyone should see once but take my advice and don’t go in November as it was freezing then.
Shortly after that we had a short break in Milan to do some shopping and then back to Spain.
Next Thursday I will be off to Miami for a week to meet up with some others on my now growing team who are also using the same blogging system to live their dreams to the full too.
If you are like me and love to travel the world then you must check out this amazing blogging system.
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