Travel the world fishing

I love fishing and now travel the world fishing for the big ones

Now I have the time and money i get to travel the world fishing for the big one in some amazing places.

From an early age I have loved fishing and as a boy lived in the UK where I went boat fishing with my dad almost every week as we had quit a nice fishing boat that we would go out on most weekends.

I always loved to try and catch the big one but we all know that most days you are lucky if you catch anything worth keeping. In the uk the weather was always a deciding factor on how far out we could go and fishing off the coast of Brighton in the south of England you need to go out at least 10 miles to have a chance of anything big.

The biggest fish I ever caught in the uk was a small shark, a bit rear for uk waters but they are there and this porbeagle was about 80lbs and put up a great fight as it ran out most of my line twice and it took about 45 mins to get it onboard.

Travel the world fishing

After that I just wanted to get a bigger one but then at the age of just 15 it was just a dream.

Many years of boat fishing in the uk followed but nothing really to talk about apart from a few big congers on a wreck once near Cornwall in the west country.

On my holidays around the world i would always have just one day out boat fishing at some point in the holiday.

Greece was a great place for a holiday when i was about 22 but the fishing there was not that good as most of the boats there are just for the tourists and don’t really go out that far plus the gear is very basic.

Travel the world fishing

On one trip to Portugal with a cousin i did have a great day out from the port in Albufeira, there was about 8 people on the boat and although we didn’t go out that far we did catch 7 small sharks all of good size and loads of fun on the line. We started by catching mackerel first and baited the lines with live bait and long traces and just sat there with a cold beer until they bit.

This holiday fishing trip was good but it just fed my hunger for a bigger one.

Then one day i saw an ad for fishing in Mexico so that was going to be my next fishing trip and it was where i had the biggest fish of my life..see the next article to see just how massive it was SEE HERE.

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