Travel the world fishing

As I Travel the world fishing and looking for the big one I ended up going to Mexico for a 2 week holiday and had booked a trip out one a boat from Cancun.

This was going to be the day that i got the big one i could feel it.

The boats from the port are 2 types really 1 is for the tourist who just want a few hours out to catch anything and the 2 is for private hire deep sea fishing trips and this is just what i wanted.

The only problem is they are very expensive and start from around 500 us dollars a half day.

I knew that if i was going to get a big one that i needed the day trip, about 8 hours and just a few guys on the boat so at my hotel i got chatting with a guy in the bar one night and he said he had fancied t trip out on the boat but didn’t know much about fish for big sharks as that is what i told him i was after.

Travel the world fishing

Well after several beers that night i persuaded him to book the whole boat with me as a private trip. It was about 600 dollars for the 8 hours and there would only be 4 guys on the boat.

The day came round and off we went to the port to meet up with the boat. we took along our wife’s who were going to go shopping all day in the area and meet us when we came back in.

Well when we arrived at the boat the skipper told us that the other guys had canceled so it was just the 2 of us. GREAT the boat all to ourselves.

We set off at high speed and after about 2 hours we stopped and trawled for bait.

My new friend had the first fish a small tuna about 6 lbs. and he said that it was the biggest fish he had ever caught. I just smiled and said that it would be great for my bait. I think he thought i was joking.

Travel the world fishing

After we caught about 8 bait fish we baited up some big rigs and put out 3 lines each.

There was the skipper and 2 young guys about 20 years old who’s job was to set the lines and pass us beer all day.

Well the hours passed and we had nothing , a few runs but they got away. THEN IT HAPPENED..

one on my lines started to run slow at first and then like a train.

the young lads pulled in the other lines and set my up in the big game chair. this was it i though just what i had dreamed of.

Travel the world fishing

Well the fight went on for about 1 hour with line going out and me realing it in again and after about 1.15mins the fish started to reach the surface, At this point we didn’t really know what it was but my arms were on fire with pain but i was not going to stop now.

As the fish got a few feet from the surface wee all looked down into the bluest of blue still waters and one of the lads shouted out “it’s a Hammer head” Then I saw it about 8 feet from the back of the boat it was about 7 foot long and looked amazing as it started to spin around.

One of the guys had in his hand the gaff but as he reached out the shark pulled away, the fish was tired but not finished.

Then as the lad reached out again the shark flicked his tail hard and the line broke and we all just watched as he slowly swam away.

I was gutted, so close after all that but i my friend did get a good pic which i have on my wall at home as the one that got away …thats fishing

See my next trip and this time the fish didn’t get away. >SEE HERE<

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