Tired Of The English Weather

Most Brits get Tired Of The English Weather but most of us just get use to it and don’t do much about it or think that we can’t do much about it.

Well now you can…

OK so you can’t change the weather but you don’t have to put up with it.

Working as a carpenter in Brighton in the south of England for most of my adult life there just cam a day when I had enough. Working as a carpenter outdoors in all weather, mostly wind and rain, I one day decided to move to Spain. Ok that sounds like a drastic move but here is why..Most weekends when I had some free time to do what I wanted it would be raining or to windy or both and so there was not much to do outside without getting wet and most of my hobbies then were outside.

Even in the summer you could never really plan much as the weather would always put a hold on what you had in mind.

Tired Of The English Weather

It was not just that but one day as I was working with a guy who was about 6 weeks away from retirement, We sat in the van waiting for the rain to stop so as we could finish repairing a fence.He started telling me that in just a few weeks he would be playing golf all day for the rest of his life and would be able to enjoy his retirement with his wife and would be thinking of me as he was on the golf course.

It was all a bit of a joke but I told him that what about the weather, what would he do all day in the winter and when it was windy or raining all day. He stopped and just said well I won’t be working.

Ok great but why work all your life just so as when you retire you can sit in doors in front of the TV.

This really made me more sure that moving to Spain was the way to go, as I had found this place called Almeria in southern Spain where it only rained about 4 weeks a year and even in the winter you could sit on the beach. Now there was no need to be fed up with the British weather any more just start living life now.

Tired Of The English Weather

A few months passed and I managed to sell the house and moved to Spain. I started work there as a carpenter and life was great for a few years.

Then the crisis hit and it hit Spain hard, I had just bought a new home here in Almeria and had a big mortgage and a few guys working for me as builders on small projects here. Almost overnight it all went bad and work just dried up . People just didn’t know what was going to happen so stopped having work done.

Now the weather was not the most important thing to me anymore, I started to look for a better way to earn money, as working as a carpenter was hard long hours and with the crisis was not going to change soon.

Then one day as I was searching online I found the answer.

A video on how to work from home online.

After joining this set up for you system I did start to make some money online and although it was small at first it showed me it really was possible so I went full steam ahead.

One thing that really hit me was that one day as I was checking my email i saw that i had received a commission of 125 dollars, now this is not a large amount i know but the thing is this money was earned as I was asleep in bed the night before, You could actually make money while you are asleep…how cool is that.

Tired Of The English Weather

Now I still live here in Almeria with my new Spanish wife and we travel the world doing what we like when we like and I still go back to the uk to visit family but almost every time I am there it rains and now it really doesn’t bother me as I know it is only a few days and we will be in the sun again.

If you are getting Tired Of The English Weather then now there is a better way.

If I can learn how to do this, So CAN YOU.

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