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This is Why people say “Thank God It’s Friday”


Now we know just Why people say  “Thank God It’s Friday”.

Almost every Friday posted all over Facebook you will see people saying ” thank god it’s Friday” and even in the middle of the week people post ( nearly the end of the week can’t wait till the weekend)

This is what this really means.

They are not happy doing what they are doing and this is mostly because they are working at a job that they do not really like or the money is not enough to live the life that they really want.

I know because this was just how I used to feel when i lived and worked in the UK as a carpenter and builder. Near the end of the week I would find myself wishing for Friday night to come as this meant that it was the end of the week and the end of my working week so i could chill out at the weekend and do the things that i wanted.

But this is a myth…what really happens is one of 2 things ….

1: come the weekend we normally go out with friends and spend too much on drink just to sleep it off most of Saturday then Sunday if we have time apart from the normal chores, we might have a few hours to do the things that we wanted to do all week. Then before you know it it’s Monday again and the routine starts again.


2: If you have family then you are going to have many more chores to compleat and If you are lucky you will be able to go out once maybe for a bit to eat with the family or visit friends and family members and having time or the money to do just what you really want, is going to be difficult. Then as before you will be at Monday again and back to the same old grind.

This is the life that 90% of people all over the world have and some like this way of life and thats fine but it is a way that we have all been brought up with and follow blindly until we are old and able to retire and this is when we think we can enjoy our life but what really happens to most is if they do get to retirement age and have the health to enjoy life they do not have enough funds to live as they want and this is becoming a real problem for many all over the world now.


Thank god it's Friday

 This is Why people say “Thank God It’s Friday”

So what is the answer?

Well I think I have found the perfect way to have and do just what you like as much as you like and not ever have to worry about waiting for that Friday feeling again.

Fridays for me now are no different that any other day and i love every day even Monday mornings and that is because now on a Monday morning as most are on their way to work sitting in rush hour traffic, I am out on my new motor bike or running on the sandy beach here in sunny Spain and making money at the same time.

Take today for example:

Friday 22nd January 2016, I got up early as i now do most mornings, not because i have to but because i want to. I go for a run on the beach or a mountain bike ride along the coast and have my coffee and breakfast in my local beach bar with the warm sun on my back as i check my emails and upload a few photos or posts to my blog. then home for a shower and then i work for about 3 hours online from my terrace of home office.


Below is my view and start to the day , take a look at the video below.


Thank God It's Friday WHY?


Me below enjoying one of my passions of spearfishing.

This is Why people say "Thank God It's Friday"


This is Why people say “Thank God It’s Friday”

There really is a better way to enjoy life and ok working online may not be for everyone but we all have a passion or interest or something that we know a lot about so this is a great way to generate an online income for it. Once you are passionate about what you do, it doesn’t seem like work and you do not mind getting up at the time you want to follow this passion.

The first few years i lived in Spain i did work as a carpenter here for a small company but even working here in Spain in the sun still was not really what i wanted. Now i work from home or anywhere i like the hours that i want and for as long as i want. Do not get me wrong here i do work long hours some days even into the night but it is now because i want to not because i have to. I now fit in my work around my life and not the other way round. If i want to go out for a ride on my new motor bike when everyone else is hard at work then i can and often do.

Thats me below a few days ago in the winter sun enjoying a bike ride along the beach road.

This is Why people say "Thank God It's Friday"


Look guys i am now 53 years young and if i can learn how to do this then so can anyone.

The way i look at it is this..

If you are not working on your dream life then you are working for someone else and helping them build theirs.

If you have a few hours a day to learn then why not start learning now, even if it takes you weeks or months to start making money, this time is going to pass anyway so start now and in no time at all you could be building your online income and living the life you really want and not saying ” I wish it was Friday”


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This is Why people say "Thank God It's Friday"

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