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Stop Posting Biz Links And Get To Know People

This morning as I opened up Facebook and started to see what people have posted all i could see was loads of business links with people Posting Biz Links everywhere , almost all only had one line of text and then click here, all pushing their online business but none letting me know who the hell they are and why i should click their links.

OK.. Facebook is for sharing and getting to know and make new friends but it is becoming just one big bill board that people are now just loosing interest in, are you not fed up with all these biz opportunities? and not really knowing who these people are?

Posting Biz LinksPosting Biz LinksPosting Biz Links

Lets make Today Different Here

Lets introduce ourselves and get to know people here today.

So here is how it works.

Go To The Comment Box below and tell us

1 who you are (name)

2 where you live (town and country)

3 what your passion is (what you do in your free time)

4 about your biz (20 words or less)

5 Post your link (Your biz link)


I will start:

My name is David Wright

Almeria Spain

I love to Travel to new countries

I promote My online training Videos to help newbies generate more business leads.

Maybe will will start to interact a little better and find people we have common interests with.

go on your turn now..



Posting Links On Facebook




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