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Thinking about a Move To Spain? read what its really like from an English gut who moved here 12 years ago.

Move To Spain

Are you thinking of a Move To Spain this year, or are you already living here in Spain? well see just what its really like to live and work here in Spain from an English guy who moved here over 12 years ago.
  1. Why Spain?

    A Move To Spain is on many British peoples minds at the moment as the weather and way of life in the UK is a little depressing at the moment.

    The dream of sitting on a sandy beach watching the sun go down or sipping a glass of wind on the terrace, has a great appeal to it for lots of British people but for most this just stays a dream.

    Spain has lots to offer not just the great sunny weather most of the year but the laid back way of life is quit appealing too. Long sunny days and mild winters is the main reason most move here and there is just so much more you can do and enjoy here when the weather is so great.

    The cost of living here in Spain is pretty low compared to the UK and there are little things here that are great like there is no TV licence here and you don’t need to pay to park your car in the street. The council tax in the uk for my mother who lives along and is 76, is about 2,000 pounds a year. Here in Spain I have a larger house and pay about 500 a year and they collect the rubbish every day not like back in the UK where it is collected once a week if you are lucky.

    These are just a few things that are better here and there are so many more. Don’t get me wrong, I love the UK and go back every year to visit family but it feels to me like you are just ripped off there and the prices are so high.

    The last time I was there a few months ago, A glass of white wine in a bar was nearly 4 pounds and it was half full. Here in Spain we pay about half that for a full glass and we get a free tapas with it too, Thats a small plate of food like meat and bread, spicy sausage or small plate of paella.

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    Move To Spain

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  2. Whats it really like living in Spain

    Move To Spain

    Once you make the Move To Spain you will see that life here is a little slower and the people a little more open and friendly, With the weather being so good here most of the year, people seem to be out doors more and with family enjoying life rather than sitting indoors watching East Enders on TV in the dark afternoons.

    For the first few years here i worked as a carpenter but the last 2 years now i have been working from home online and have even more free time to really enjoy the out doors way of life here and now would never return to the UK for more a visit.

    Now i have a new Spanish wife of 2 years and most of my friends here are Spanish so i think I am more Spanish now than English but do love the trips back to see how green everything is but don’t miss the wet and windy weather and the high prices.

    Move To Spain


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    Below is me on the beach a few months ago and i was working online from my laptop as i was fishing and thats a great way to make money and enjoy life at the same time.

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