Living In Spain part 2

So there I was Living In Spain and training several hours a day with this new blogging system, Blogging was very new to me but with the way it is all set up anyone can do it, we all learn at different speeds so with the video and audio training you just go at your own pace it really is that easy, ok like anything you will have to put in the effort but the returns can be amazing.

So from working as a carpenter to working online from home blogging what a difference but I was loving it, the money was slow t come in at first as I was setting everything up like bank accounts and going through all the training but slowly I started to see some commissions come in.

Living In Spain

Then one morning after breakfast as I was going through my email, I saw that i had received a commission of 100 Dollars, ok this is not a great amount of money but the one thing that really opened up my eyes was that this 100 dollar commission was made as I was asleep in bed the night before and that is truly amazing, where else can you earn money like that when you are asleep in bed but that is just a start as there are products that I am now selling that have a much higher commission rate for me so this just makes me puss on more because now I know that leaving my work as a carpenter was the right thing to do and the future is looking great, plus working from home online and living in Spain is something that I have always wanted to do.

Make money with a blog and travel the world

me in Mexico

Living In Spain

Now living in Spain we still get to travel the world doing the things we love and for me that is fishing and diving so we have been 3 times to Mexico in the last 2 years and the last time was for 6 long weeks yes 6 weeks in Mexico seeing all the amazing things and getting in some great fishing.

Living in Spain and working online I now really do have the time and freedom to enjoy life to the full.


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