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How to live where ever you want

Learn just How to live where ever you want really i found a way to do it so can anyone.

After living in England most of my life i was happy there but not with the wet and windy weather and always wanted to live in a warm and sunny country. Now i live in Spain and have lived here for the last 12 years and the main reason that i am still here and able to travel as never before, it is because of the new online business that i have been in now for about 2 years.

How to live where ever you want

After working as a carpenter and builder in the uk for most of my life, i was ok with my job most of the time but working in the wet and rain was part of being a carpenter as most of my work was outside. Most times i could put up with this but come the weekend i would long to have time and the weather to do the things that i liked and back then it was paragliding and sea fishing both of which needed good weather.

In the UK if the weekend had a few hours of good weather then you would be lucky as most weekends it my start out ok but would change at the drop of a hat. This made my weekends very frustrating.

Then come Monday morning it was back to the grind again and this was my life for many years until one day i just had enough and made the decision to move to Spain as i was just fed up with the weather.

A few months later i did make the move to Almeria Spain and found a job as a carpenter for a small English company here. All was great at first but after 2 years the work here dried up as the crisis hit Spain hard and most people here just stopped having the work done as they did not know what was going to happen.

At this time i knew that i had to find a better way to make money rather than working long hours for someone else.

Even though when i did have work here it was still taking up most of my week and i still only had the weekends free to do as i wanted.

How to live where ever you want

 How to live where ever you want

I did start with a few online companies and did make a few dollars but the commissions were low and slow to come in so i started looking for a better way. Then one day i came across a video that just opend my mind to a new way of working online. Being able to work from ANYWHERE at any time and for as long as I wanted. this was just what i wanted and so i joined straight away and for the first week i was fixed at my pc day and night .

The break through

After just a few weeks i had my first break through and result that shocked me.

One morning as i was checking my email over breakfast, I saw that i had made a commission from my new business, it was a $125 payment paid straight into my online bank account. Now i know that this is not a hugh amount of money but here is the thing… it was made as i was asleep in bed the night before. This was a real wake up call for me, if i could make that sort of money as i was asleep just think how much i could make when i was awake.

The internet never sleeps so this is why it is so powerful.

OK so there are many ways to make money from a job or working online but for me being able to work from anywhere i like and at any time for as long as i like is truly amazing and this is what lets me live where i want and even when i am traveling, i can still be working as i travel.

Why spend all day at a job when you can be doing what you love all day and fit in your business around your life and not the other way.

Even with a great 9-5 job you will be traveling to and from that job every day so spending  about 2 hours a day more just traveling to and from work. Once you are working online you will save all that time and more just by not having to go to a place to start working and this does not include all the time and money on travel expenses.

If you want to learn How to live where ever you want then you have to start your own online business and then you will be really free to live as you  want.


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