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How To Get Out Of The Rat Race

If you would like to know just How to get out of the rat race , then read on…

What is the rat race anyway?

Most peoples idea of the rat race is the following..

Getting up early Monday morning and setting off for work either sitting in rush hour traffic just to get to work or on public transport pushing and shoving your way to a seat if you are lucky.

Once you arrive at your place of work you find the same old routine and just watch the clock dreaming of lunch time then after lucnch watching the clock again till it is time to head off for home and do all that pushing and shoving again.

Thats just Monday, you still have 4 more days of this.

Come the weekends if you are lucky and have the time and money maybe you can indulge in something that you like to do for a few hours if you are lucky.Then before you know it , its Monday again and the whole circle starts again. This for some people goes on for many years until they are too ill to continue or if lucky they have saved enough to retire in their old age and may be healthy enough to go out for a few walks or have a round of golf.

This is my idea of a rat race and I too did have a similar life to this for many years but found a way out and this is something that anyone can now do if they just take one step.

Now I really have found a great way to get out of the rat race for ever but you will need to put in a little effort at first and take daily action to get it started, even learning some new skills but once you do this then you will never worry about the rat race again.

How To Get Out Of The Rat Race


My personal rat race:

Living in England I worked as a carpenter and builder on building sites and worked out doors mostly in all weathers , mostly wind and rain, Sometimes having the rain run down my neck as i worked was not really what i had dreamed of as a kid but the money was paying the bills and helped me have a 2 week holiday once a year to the sun and chill out but all the time i would be dreading going back to that way of life but never knew anything else.

One day on my way home from a job way out in the back of nowhere, I was sitting in a traffic jam in a small village and as i looked out of the window to my side i could just see through the rain coming down the window to a sign above a shop that was advertising a holiday to mexico. There was this beautiful young girl half dressed running on a white sandy beach and the sea was the bluest of blue.

The traffic moved off and for a few miles this image stuck in my mind.

Not more than a few miles down the road there was this sign again only this time on a bus stop wall, the same girl and the same white sandy beach. To this day i do not remember what it was advertising, possibly a flight or hotel company  but the image will always stay with me and it made me feel warm and realised inside even though out side of my car window the heavens had opened up and the wind and rain was just lashing down my window.

Not the ph0to but very much like this one below.

How To Get Out Of The Rat Race

How To Get Out Of The Rat Race

Once i arrived home that night I made a decision that i would find a way to get out of the rat race and do something better .

At this time my then first wife and i made a choice to move to Spain and look for a better way of life even if the money was not as good there we would have a better life or at least more sun shine.

After a lot of preparation we did make the move to Almeria in southern Spain right on the beach just a few hours up the coast from Malaga.

Only a few weeks before we moved there i did have a trip out there and was very lucky to meet a guy who was looking for a carpenter and gave me a job working on his house that he was having built only a few miles up the road from where we had decided to move to.

Working in Spain was so different then what i had been use to back in the UK, for example the weather . instead of working in wind and rain i was now faced with high 80″s and burning sun shine most days but I was not about to complain.Being able to sit out on a stone wall under a tree to have my lunch was like heaven, rather then sitting in a cold shed on a building site back in the UK.

So all was well for a few years and although the money was not that great then at least i was living a better way of life and loved the Spanish way of life plus loved being able  to do all the out doors things that the bad weather back in the UK had stopped my doing.

How To Get Out Of The Rat Race


How To Get Out Of The Rat Race

Just a few years later the crisis hit the world and here in Spain work dried up almost ever night and at this time it was very hard to make money at any job even if you were Spanish as as for being a foreigner it was even harder and I did find it very difficult times.

At the same time as this was happening my wife and i decided to separate as she missed the Uk and family back there so we parted our ways and I stayed on here in Spain. As work was hard to find I started looking online every night for a way to make money online here in Spain and after trying many things i came to the comclusion that i really didn’t know what i was doing and needed help from someone that did.

Trying to find a real online business that was right for me took many months and after trying a few new things and having some luck making a few dollars here and there, I finally found the online business that i am with now and have been making my full time online income with for the last 2 years now.

The reason I found this particular online business to be the best for me was 3 things really.

1: Easy to follow training that has been designed for even people who have no online skills at all and no computer back ground.

2: Products that people need and are happy to buy that they can profit from on a daily basis and that are updated and added to weekly.

3: A real business that i can build in my own time and work at where and when i want without having to worry about the boss.


So how is my life now?

Well lets take today, 1st February 2016,

This morning i got up about 7:30am as i do most mornings but this is not because i need to but because i want to as i like to go for a mountain bike ride at first light and see the sun rise here on the beach in sunny Almeria.

Then i have a coffee in my local beach bar as i check my emails and send out a few messages all with the sun on my back and not having to watch the clock.

After arriving home and showering i have my breakfast on my terrace with views of the sea and start working online with my pc from the terrace or my small home office. I normally work for about 3 -4 hours and then go out for a ride on my motor bike along the coast road and have another coffee or made a few videos with my mobile phone to upload to my online business.

Me below taking time out to ride my motor bike here in the sun.

How To Get Out Of The Rat Race

Thats about it really for the day.

Sometimes i do work into the night if i have something i am keen to get done but working about 3 to 4 houra a day is about right at the moment.

When i first started though it did take longer and there was a lot to learn and i am still leaning every day, listening to audio tapes and reading every day helps me stay on top of things and none of this is like work to me as i love what i do and the freedom.

Me in Mexico last August

How To Get Out Of The Rat Race


How To Quit The Rat Race por makemoneyblog

In the last 3 years now i have had some amazing trips around the world because travel is my number one passion right now. Mexico, USA, Dominion republic,Scotland,Italy and Belgium  are just a few places i have been all in the last 3 years.

If you really are few up with the same old same old then i am here to tell you there is a better way if you want it.

Learn How To Get Out Of The Rat Race now just take a look at the online business that i am using and see if it is right for you.

How To Get Out Of The Rat Race



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