Fed Up With My Job

Are you Fed Up With My Job and starting to hate waking up and going to work every morning? You are board with your boss and work mates doing the same thing day in and day out. You can’t see any end to it and just want something different Right?.

Well I have been there and did something about it and now have the life I always wanted, I just wish I found it earlier.

When you are Fed Up With My Job You can’t just quit your job as if you were like me and had a mortgage and bills to pay, so what is the answer.

First let me tell you how it was for me just a few years ago.

At the end of my story i will tell you just how I am now working less hours than I ever have and earning more money than I ever have and still traveling the world.

About 8 years ago I was living and working in England as a carpenter and builder for a company on building sites and houses all over the country, working in all weathers mostly wind and rain just waiting for the weekend to come round so as to be able to do the things that I liked, At that time it was paragliding and fishing but I was really getting Fed Up With My Job.

After a long working week come the Saturday I would wakeup open the curtains and see yet more wind and rain or a combination of the two. The weekend would pass and before I know what was what it was Monday morning again.

I remember the day it all changed for me.

Fed Up With My Job

It was a Friday afternoon and I was on my way home from a building site where i had been all week working in mud and a cold wind fitting some doors and windows on a new housing estate about 1 hour from my home. At that time I was married and my wife worked in an office also about 1 hour from our home.

There I was in my van at some small village sat in a traffic jam with the windscreen wipers on fast and I was just thinking that it was going to take me another 45 mins to get home. As I stared out of the window i could see a small shop in the street across the road and on the wall high up it had a poster of a pretty girl walking along a white sandy beach in some amazing tropical location. All i could do was stare at the poster and wish that i was there.

Then a toot from the car behind brought me back to reality and we moved off slowly. I just couldn’t get that poster out of my head. There had to be a better life than this, I was so fed up with my job i knew i had to do something.

Fed Up With My Job

On the slow road home all i could think about was how could we move to a warmer country and live in the sun on a beautiful beach, there had to be a way-

When i arrived home my wife had just got in too and was as fed up as i was as she had not had a good week at the office. As i told her that I thought we should move to Spain to live forever. She stopped unpacking some shopping that she had bought and just looked at me, for a moment I thought she was going to say don’t be stupid but she just said when!!!….lets go next week, she said. I was a little shocked and said ” no i mean it, I am Fed Up With My Job and want to live in a warm place”. she replied so do i lets go.

That night we sat down to dinner with a bottle of our favorite wine and discussed just how we could do it. If we rented out the house we could go for 6 months to see what it was like she told me. I was now really beginning to get excited and as the night went on we tuned up our plans.

The next day yet again it was not that good a day with rain on and off most of the day but we talked on and off most of that Saturday about how we could go to live and work in Spain.

Spain was the choice because as a kid I had been there many times with my parents but not for the last 15 years and for my wife it was a place she had always wanted to go.

Fed Up With My Job

After about 3 weeks we had the house rented out and headed off to Spain, we had found a place online that we liked and saw that there was an expat community there so my idea was to find work there doing odd repairs for them until i could find a better job.

So the big day came and we moved to Spain with about 8 suit cases and 3 bags of tools,

The first few days in Spain we just walked around the place to get our bearings and found an English bar to have a drink. There was a guy there who I started chatting to who told me that as i was looking for work as a carpenter and builder he knew a guy who had a small building business in the hills who needed a carpenter to help on a small renovation project he had. This all sounded to good to be true and the next day I called him and after we met he offered me a full time job with him and 4 other guys he had.

So  a few years passed and life was pretty goo, living and working in sunny warm place with weekends on the beach was great but it all came crashing down fast.


The crisis hit a few years back and it hit Spain hard and almost overnight work started to dry up and in just a few weeks I found that i had no work and by now we had bought a house so had a big mortgage too.

My wife wanted us to go back to the UK but I couldn’t stop thinking about the days working in all weathers and weekends sitting in front of the TV.

There was no way I wanted to go back to that.

We had not been getting on that well for some time and  as the months went by we started arguing more not just about work and money but we had different views on a lot of things now and so after 17 years of a pretty good marriage, we decided to split up and she went back to the UK.

For the next 6 months I struggled to pay the bills and when we got a divorce a few months later things really got hard for me here in Spain.

Work was not getting any better and that is when I started looking online for a new way to earn money online working from home.

I did take an online course and build a few websites even making a bit of money selling other peoples products on my websites but it was not enough. Then one day as I searched on YouTube I found it…

There was a video that I watched and it was just what i was looking for.

I will show you the link to the video in a moment but first let me tell you what my life is like now.

For the last 2 years I have been working from home online blogging about the things that i am interested in and posting some links on my blog and generating a full time living just by working about 3 hours a day. ok at first i did work all the hours i could as i was new to blogging. Now I am married to a Spanish girl for the last 5 months and we travel all around the world doing just what we love.

Just in the last 3 years I have been to Mexico 3 times, the last time was for 6 long weeks and we had a limo to drive us about there. we have also been to the Uk a few times and the several places in Europe for long weekend breaks.

My life is so different now and i have so much free time, I still go fishing and in Mexico I caught the biggest fish in my life see here…….

Where ever you live and whatever you are doing there is a better way IF YOU WANT IT ! Break Out of the Uncomfortable Mould.

Fed Up With My Job? there is now a better way just go for it.

I have a growing team of people who once said “I am fed up with my job” and are now doing something to change it and with this system that i now use anyone can learn a few new skills and start living the life they really want.

Stop saying “i am fed up with my job” and take the first step in making it better.

See the FREE Video on how here..

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