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Bucket List

What is on your Bucket List and what are you doing to make it happen.


What is a Bucket List anyway?

If you haven’t heard about the term “bucket list”, it is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill and life experiences you desire to experience before you die.

AT 53 years young I think that I have done some crazy things in my time and love to have ago at most things but here is one thing I just have to try.

A few days ago I found a website that just blow me away with an idea of something that i would love to do before i die and it is something that i have thought about for a long time but thought that it was impossible for me as i have not got a pilot licence .

Ok so you think it is to fly a plane? well sort of.

I have always wanted to fly a fast fighter jet like in top gun but not being in the air force or having a pilot licence it is sort of imposible. OR SO I THOUGHT!

I just found a website about a company in Russia who are offering a trip up to the edge of space in a mig 29 fighter jet  to anyone over the age of 18 who has good health.

I was fixed to the site and read every thing on it . This is what they offer.

After arriving at the air base in Russia you have a 3 hour briefing with the pilot and a walk round of the air base and what is involved in the flight, then you are kitted out in flight suit and equipment and head out to the jet.

Bucket List

bucket list

Now this is a REAL russian mig 29 just like the ones you see at air shows.

The flight is for 45 minutes upto the edge of space and a few aerobatic manoeuvers on the way down.

At this piont YOU get to take the controls and will be able to fly the jet in a few basic turns and a barrel roll. WOW

there are a few videos that show other people who have tried this and a few have blacked out in the turns as the jet pulls such high “G” forces.

At the end of the flight you get a video of the days experience and amazing footage of your flight.

There is only one problem… It costs $17,000 for the day.

Still it is top of my bucket list.

Interested and got the cash? >See more Here<

Bucket List

Bucket List

Bucket List

 Bucket List

Here are a few things that I have done over the years that i have crossed off my bucket list.

Skydiving, free fall from 12,000 ft in Arizona.

Paragliding for several years until the death of a friend made me realize it was time to quit while i was ahead.

Scuba diving around the world

Gliding in England with a none powered glider

surfing, wind surfing, and Kite boarding

Judo 5 years,Aikido 3 years

Karate 12 years (teacher for 5 years)

Deep sea fishing for shark and marlin in Mexico

Spear fishing

swimming with turtles

Traveling to 15 different countries

Shooting Rifle,pistols and shotguns to compation level

salsa dancing all styles

motor bikes stock cars

Mountain climbing ( climbed the highest mountain in Spain)

Rock climbing

skiing water and snow.

Seen the pyramids in Mexico

swam with dolphins

Bucket List

Bucket List

Bucket List

Bucket List

Bucket List

bucket list

bucket list



So as you can see i have ticked off a few things already but the list is still growing.

Now i am living in Spain but still follow my main passion now of traveling to as many new countries as i can. Traveling is my passion.

Have you got a bucket list and if so let us know what is the number one thing that you would just love to do if you had the time and money.

Type it in the comments box below and let us all see how crazy you really are.

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bucket list

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